Inquisitor is a class kit in Baldur's Gate II and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. It is one of three kits of the Paladin and is considered one of the best kits in the game, replacing the meager cleric-like abilities of the Paladin with powerful innate anti-magic abilities and a couple of useful immunities.

All Inquisitors are immune to charm and hold. They have the special abilities Dispel Magic, which acts as twice their level and is cast very quickly, and True Sight, which dispels hostile illusions. They gain one extra use of each ability every four class levels. However, this comes at the price of not being able to cast priest spells andthe loss of the the Paladin abilities Lay on Hands and Turn Undead.

This class is a spellcaster’s worst nightmare as it is able to cast two powerful anti-spell abilities twice their actual level, thus being able to disrupt any and all spells with relative ease.

In-game descriptionEdit

"The Inquisitor has dedicated his life to finding and eliminating practitioners of evil magic and defeating the forces of darkness, and his god has provided him with special abilities towards that end."


  • May use “Dispel Magic” ability once per day per 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use): ability is used at speed factor 1 and acts twice his actual level.
  • May cast “True Sight” once per day per 4 levels (starts at 1st level with one use)
  • Immune to Hold, and Charm spells.


  • May not use “lay on hands” ability.
  • May not cast priest spells.
  • May not turn undead.

Notable inquisitorsEdit