Intelligence is one of the six ability scores, a minimum natural score of 15 or 17 is required for mage dual-class combinations.

It's of prime importance to mages, specialist mages, wild mages and bards, as it sets how many different spells of one spell level they may learn, as well as the chance a spell can be written down in the spellbook from scribing a wizard scroll, in Enhanced Editions it also determines up to which levels of spells the character can learn, counting in both natural scores and item altering.

For sorcerers, their spell casting capabilities are based solely on their levels, they can naturally cast 9th level spells and do not scribe scrolls, the only benefit they gain from a high intelligence score is a lore bonus.

For non-caster classes, intelligence combined with wisdom only adds a bonus to lore bonus.

For every class, a minimum score of 9 is needed to use wands and scrolls.

Having a high intelligence also helps surviving intelligence drain caused by mind flayers longer.

Intelligence also determines how many turns, rounds a character would be trapped by an enemy mage's Maze spell.

Scores tableEdit


Spell Level for mages, bards
(EE only)

Max # different spells learnable per spell Lvl for mages, bards % to learn spell for mages, bards Lore modifier
1-6 -20
7 -10
8 -10
9 4th 6 35% -10
10 5th 7 40% 0
11 5th 7 45% 0
12 6th 7 50% 0
13 6th 9 55% 0
14 7th 9 60% 0
15 7th 11 65% +3
16 8th 11 70% +5
17 8th 14 75% +7
18 9th 18 85% +10
19 9th All 95% +12
20 9th All 96% +15
21 9th All 97% +20
22 9th All 98% +25
23 9th All 99% +30
24 9th All 100% +35
25 9th All 100% +40

Intelligence score altering Edit

Permanent boosts Edit

Temporary boosts Edit

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Equipment Edit

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