Investigate the deaths in the Umar Hills is a side quest initiated by speaking to Delon, who can be found in Athkatla's Government District, or the boy will approach you after some time passed anywhere in the city if Minsc is in party.


Difficulty: 2.5/5 Length: 3/5 Rec pty lv: 10+

This quest will lead you to Umar Hills village, once there, talk with mayor and his wife to get some clues of the mysterious going-on here, go to a house at the far west side of the area where you should find Merella's Journal as well as a note from Mazzy, the Temple Ruins will then be marked on your world map.

Go there and you'll encounter the werewolf leader, Anath, fleeing into her lair, follow her into the cave, talk to her and agree to help her deal with the "Shade Lord", the true evil resident within the temple.

Warning: Do NOT leave any companions or important items
within the temple as it'll later be replaced by another
area once the quest has been completed and you've
no means to return to its previous version.
When inside the temple, activate the mirror stone whenever you are ambushed, not only will this help you kill the shades, but also keeps them from spawning. Continue your way to fight the Shadow Jailor, search his remains for the Shadow Jail Key, which will open the cell Mazzy is in.

Releasing Mazzy Fentan, the halfling warrior

From there you will find a statue that gives you three tests.

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3
I shall say a prayer to the light I shall sing a hymn... I will recite the Tenets of faith
I shall hold the Holy book... I shall raise my hands to the light I will hold high my children...
I shall reflect on the glory... I shall rejoice at the dominance... I shall mourn as I watch...

You'll retrieve one of the three Symbol of Amaunator fragments (1/3) after the tests.

You will come across a lava pool ahead, it is recommended to boost fire resistance via spells or scrolls before attempting to cross.


Trade Amauna's Bones from the Shade Wolf room by the entrance with the two ghosts in the left room, you'll be rewarded with the second fragment (2/3).

Inside the right side of the gate are a pack of undeads which you may lead back on the lava, go north after the fight.

You need to walk "A - M - A - U - N - A - T - O - R" in the next puzzle grid.

Inside a far room to the right is the last fragment, either kill the shade or help him to the other side where he tries to kill you anyway, the fragment is kept in his cell (3/3).

The stairs in the left room will lead to Thaxll'ssillyia, the shadow dragon, the fight will be fairly difficult as one would expect from a battle with dragon, however you have all the time you want to prepare for it, placing traps, readying anti-undead spells like Bolt of Glory, Sunray if you have, resting is permitted as long as you don't aggro him.

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