Ioin Gallchobhair is a Bandit in the Lonely Peaks area north of Carnival at 3200, 1700. Along with Dribben and Billy, he demands a "toll" for passing through the area. You can fight or surrender all of your gold. 

Dribben is worth 150 xp, Ioin and Billy 300 xp each.

Billy and Dribben are archers, and each is equipped with 5 Arrows +1 (possibly only in BG:EE). Engage them in melee combat quickly, before they use them up.


"There is a toll for passing this way, friends, and it happens to be your life. Are you willing to part with it?"

  • 1:-Take my life if you will, but I warn you now: Make one move and your own is forfeit.
Then let these subtle games begin! Fire, comrades, and let us be richer for their folly!
  • 2:-Please, you may take my money but life is sacred.
Look, comrades, we have a pack of pathetic and sniveling lumps before us! Very well, we shall rob you of your coin and leave your so-called "sacred" life intact. May the gods bless you for such a display of honor.

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