Iron Crisis is an artificially manufactured shortage of iron in Sword Coast area created by the Iron Throne and Sarevok Anchev. The Iron Crisis was achieved by a combination of 4 main elements:

The Iron Throne's goal in it was monopolization of iron trade in Baldur's Gate and surrounding areas through the sabotaging of the Nashkel Mines, crippling trade on the Sword Coast and providing from their secret mine in the Cloakwood , while the looming threat of war with Amn would cause iron demand to skyrocket.

Sarevok's goal was the destabilization of Baldur's Gate political elites through iron shortage, threat of war with Amn and replacing nobles with doppelgangers in order to get elected as head duke of Baldur's Gate. He would then use that position to start a war with Amn which would help him ascend to the throne of Bhaal through the massive amounts of death caused by it.

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