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Islanne was Durlag's wife. She along with her two sons Kiel and Fuernebol were murdered by doppelgangers. Her ghost is found on the fourth level underground in Durlag's Tower and will transport Gorion's Ward and their party out of the tower after killing the Demonknight but, in BG:EE, you can talk to her to get out at any moment, like in the lastets patch of TotSC.

Quests Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

Quotes Edit

Islanne Portrait Restored
You have come far and seen much... but not all would stay... leaving is what I offer... aggravate the spirit no more... leave this place and the madness it keeps... the world above is yours... the depths belong to the dead that will not let go...
The light calls... you do not go... you are as stubborn as my Durlag... I will send when you wish... would that I could send the weight from his shoulders thus...
There is a presence here... no longer... you have killed what could not be... another intruder that came to take... gone as they should be... Would that the sorrow was lifted as well... he is stubborn, my Durlag... this place will wax and wane in time... regret will not last forever... you can leave when you wish, I will send you...
Back to the sky and the light with you... here will stay the ghost of failure... my strong, stubborn Durlag... let the ages take the weight away... as swiftly as I send these children...

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