Nature's servant awaits
Jaheira is a true neutral half-elf multi-class fighter / druid and a potential companion in
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She is one of the canon party members who adventured with the Gorion's Ward during the event of Baldur's Gate, alongside Imoen, Dynaheir, Minsc and her husband Khalid. The couple are old friends of Gorion, who is a Harper, just like they are.

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword CoastEdit


Jaheira is available to recruit from Baldur's Gate Chapter 1. She awaits the player's arrival with Khalid on the west (left) side of the Friendly Arm Inn ground floor at co-ordinates 320, 685. They'll help you as promised to Gorion to take care of you, but they'll not hesitate to leave you either if you decline their initial offer.

She has to pair with Khalid.



  • Branwen: Jaheira thinks highly of Branwen and the two get along well.
  • Coran: Coran will shamelessly hit on Jaheira, despite the fact she is married. She will, however, completely ignore him.
  • Dynaheir: Dynaheir thinks highly of Jaheira and will compliment her fairly often, though Jaheira gives no indication of mirroring this sentiment.
  • Edwin: Jaheira distrusts Edwin and makes sure he knows it.
  • Eldoth: Jaheira does not think very highly of Eldoth.
  • Faldorn: Being a member of the Shadow Druids, a confrontational group that has a particular hatred for most other druidic orders, Jaheira will find herself almost immediately at odds with Faldorn the moment she joins, they'll have major conflicts later if kept in the same party for long.
  • Garrick: Garrick sees Jaheira as a very caring person, thinks highly of her, and might even look up to her.
  • Khalid: They're a married couple and they're nigh inseparable. Khalid's stutter and gentle nature fits well with Jaheira's stubborn will and quick wit. The only point of contention between them might be their alignment; while Khalid is Neutral-Good and enjoys the company of other Good characters, Jaheira is uneasy among a Good party that acts too Good as she's Neutral by class, and will likely complain if the reputation of the party is above 17.
  • Kivan: Jaheira thinks highly of Kivan and the two get along well.
  • Quayle: Jaheira, like many other party members, dislikes Quayle. He just has that effect on people. She does, however, find him amusing, in a "what the hell is wrong with you" kind of way.
  • Skie: Skie considers Jaheira a good friend and feels safer with her around.
  • Tiax: Jaheira does not think very highly of Tiax.
  • Viconia: Jaheira is one of the few surfacers Viconia actually respects.
  • Xan: There is a strong mutual respect between Jaheira and Xan. Though the two aren't really much for conversation with each other, they will both periodically voice their approval of each other and they get along very well.
  • Xzar / Montaron: As agents of Zhentarim, a group at odds with the Harpers, these particular unscrupulous types will find the likes of Jaheria and Khalid unacceptable, each pair expressing disgust regarding the other, and will eventually come to blows if either of each pair are in the same group for a prolonged duration.


Her spellbook (druid spells) contains: Armor of Faith, Bless, Cure Light Wounds (memorized x2), Detect Evil, Doom, Entangle (memorized), Shillelagh.

Her starting proficiencies are also rather poor as there aren't any magical clubs in the entire Baldur's gate. Therefore it is advisable to switch to Scimitars as Jaheira attains new levels or simply stick with Quarterstaffs.

  • In
    This icon stands for all enhanced editions of Baldur's Gate games
    , companions who have fewer XP than protagonist at the time of their first joining will be given a certain amount of experience points (XP) for you to manually level them up to gain more control of their status.
Starting stats in classic Baldur's Gate
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiency Equipment
1.00 - 1.99
  • Fighter: 1
  • Druid: 1
  • Fighter: 1786
  • Druid: 1786
6 12
  • Club ++
  • Quarterstaff +
  • Sling +
2.00 - 2.99
  • Fighter: 2
  • Druid: 2
  • Fighter: 2258
  • Druid: 2258
12 17
3.00 - 4.99
  • Fighter: 4
  • Druid: 4
  • Fighter: 8082
  • Druid: 8082
22 30
  • Scimitar/Wakizashi/Ninjatō +
  • Club ++
  • Quarterstaff +
  • Sling +
  • Fighter: 5
  • Druid: 6
  • Fighter: 20825
  • Druid: 20825
38 40


When asked about her past, JAHEIRA glares as she speaks. She says that she was born in the Tethyr region to a loyalist of the King Alemander regime, unfortunately during the Tethyrian civil war. Her family was among the nobles targeted by the angry mobs of peasants, and she was only spared because a servant girl took her from their castle before it fell. They fled into the forest of Tethyr and stumbled across an enclave of druids willing to take the child.
Jaheira grew up a very headstrong girl, believing that the only way to protect nature was to have an active role in the world. She seems to have little in common with Khalid, but even though her manner is often confrontational, she apparently cares deeply for him. Her admiration of Gorion is obvious, and she plainly states that whomever was responsible for his death will suffer an equal fate.


How long must we wait here? Things stir to the south as we sit! Initial meeting
Better to fight this battle when 'tis winnable! Morale failure
Perhaps this group needs not quite as much help as I thought. Happy
I don't like the way this group is turning out. Better leadership might help. Unhappy-annoyed
Decide you well your next move! I'll not allow this to continue! Unhappy-serious
You have shown your true nature, and we are henceforth enemies! Unhappy-break
You couldn't have made a better choice. Leader
I've just about seen enough waking hours, slave-driver. Tired
Shouldn't we be doing something USEFUL with this time?! Bored
For the fallen! Battlecry1
I fear I need healing... lest I not survive. Hurt
Tread lightly. You must show respect in nature's house. Forest
This city is a blight on the landscape. Better to have let the land grow wild. City
An open wound in Mother Earth. I would plug it, had I the power. Dungeon
Darkness falls, and nature sleeps. Why do we still tromp about?! Night
Nature's servant awaits. Select1
Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure? Select2
You've a task? Select3
For the group. Action1
As you direct. Action2

'Tis good as done.

Ah, what now? Need your pantaloons pressed?! Action4
By your command. Action5
This would be a good place for a henge! Action6
If a tree falls in the forest... I'll kill the bastard what done it! Action7
Khalid, my dear, 'twould take a sailor to untie that tongue. Interaction1




Do you claim to fight evil while you are diabolic yourself?


I know not your goals, but you are nearly Zhentish in spirit. Ooh, 'tis disgusting.


You are amusing, in a "what the hell is wrong with you" kind of way. Insult1
Keep your distance! I doubt your motives are as you claim.


Seldom do I find so little fault with someone. I hope it lasts. Compliment1
No sorrow for those lost in righteous battles. To death-general
Blast it, Khalid! You die, and I—I swear you'll never hear the end of it! To death-Khalid
You demonstrate your own pettiness. It saves me the trouble, so I take no offense. To insult1
Ah-ah, careful. Ground tongue makes excellent fertilizer, especially with what you're spewing.

To insult2

Is grass not made of blades? Do stars not shoot? Nature be well armed, and demands so of her servants! To insult3
Baldur's Gate - Jaheira sound set

Baldur's Gate - Jaheira sound set

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Recruitment Edit

Jaheira is available to recruit from Chapter 9. She'll be standing alongside Voghiln (not Khalid) in Troll Claw Woods and she'll need you to find Khalid, who happens to be commanding the Bridgefort ally forces fending off Caelar's crusades at Boareskyr Bridge in the main time.

Biography Edit

When asked about her past, Jaheira grimaces and glosses over her childhood in Tethyr and her flight from that nation's civil war. She briefly mentions how she was eventually taken in and raised by an enclave of druids before telling you that you should focus on the matter at hand.
You know that Jaheira and her husband, Khalid, belong to the secretive order known as the Harpers. Though Jaheira insists she and Khalid were merely taking a vacation near Bridgefort when the crusade arrived and violence ensued, it seems more likely that the Harpers positioned Jaheira the pair in the area.
Whatever the truth, Jaheira seems committed to tracking down Caelar and putting an end to her crusade.

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn & Throne of Bhaal Edit

Regarding the game's canon, the five companions who accompany Gorion's Ward during the trip due south from the city of Baldur's Gate towards the country of Amn includes Imoen, Dynaheir, Minsc, Khalid, and Jaheira. At some point during this journey, they were set upon by the designs of Jon Irenicus, only to be captured, imprisoned, and tortured.


Jaheira is available to recruit from Chapter 1. She's imprisoned near you within a locked cage. To free her, the player character must find the key in a nearby room, along with some equipment and a Jailkeep Golem.



  • Gorion's Ward: After mourning the death of her husband, and if the player is willing, an opportunity for romance is possible. Under the right circumstances, a male player that is either a human, half-elf, elf, or halfling
    BGIIEESoAglow  BG II: EE: SoA
    This icon stands for the Shadows of Amn campaign of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
    BGIIEEToBglow BG II: EE: ToB
    This icon stands for the Throne of Bhaal campaign of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition
    may have several opportunities through dialogue to 'make the most' of the situation. Additional requirements include that she never leaves the party, other than during her personal quests, and it may require a relatively neutral reputation due to her alignment.
  • The Harpers: Jaheira's affiliation with the organization, which was practically only hinted at during the first game, is made much more significant in the second game and takes on a central role in her personal quests.


Jaheira's skills and ability scores have notably improved since the first installment, she has three more points in dexterity and has access to the unique level 5 druid spell Harper's Call, which functions similarly to Raise Dead.

Jaheira's multi-class potential finally blooms thanks to the increased XP cap of ToB. The separated XP gain isn't a issue for her as druids' high level scaling isn't good to begin with, they literally "capped" at level 15 (3,000,000 XP). Meanwhile Jaheira gains more and more useful fighter type HLAs. Give her Belm offhand, use HLAs, Iron Skins, cast other buffs on her, she can be an excellent physical damage dealer, let her cast Insect Plague, a spellcaster killer.


When asked about her past, JAHEIRA glares as she speaks. She says that she was born in the Tethyr region to a loyalist of the King Alemander regime, unfortunately during the Tethyrian civil war. Her family was among the nobles targeted by the angry mobs of peasants, and she was only spared because a servant girl took her from their castle before it fell. An enclave of druids in the Forest of Tethir was willing to grant shelter, and Jaheira grew up headstrong in their care. She believes the only way to protect nature is to have an active role in the world, but the cost of this dedication seems to weigh heavily on her mind these days.
She grows quiet when you ask about recent events, and while she gives the appearance of her normal, strong-willed self, there is a look of doubt in her eyes. It would seem that she has seen too many friends fall to remain unaffected. She does not like the subject, and lets it drop.


I will not fall here! Morale failure
Our actions are good, and will serve the greater balance. Happy
I hope this is not a sign of things to come. We must strive to maintain balance. Unhappy-annoyed
This is no longer a matter that can be brushed aside! Change your ways or we shall be at odds! Unhappy-serious
I... I cannot believe the change in this group! For the greater balance, I... I must oppose you! Unhappy-break
As I have said before, you could not have made a better choice. Leader
Rest would be welcome lest we endanger ourselves. Tired
It is strange that we stand about when there is so much to do. Bored
For the fallen! Battlecry1
Fall, creature! And feed the earth! Battlecry2
Nature take the life she gave! Battlecry3
I will require healing if I am to be of use to the group. Hurt
I am at peace in the outdoor places, though it never seems to last. Forest
I have no patience for cities. Our stay had best be a short one. City
Nature could find a home here if it were properly cleansed and balanced. Dungeon
I welcome each day we see. Some are not so lucky. Day
Nature has many children that call the darkness home. I am not one of them. Night
Nature's servant awaits. Select1
I await your need. Select2
Yes? Select3
I am ready. Select4
It is about time.


Speak your mind.


It is done. Action1
I am willing. Action2
I go. Action3
As I would have done. Action4
If it will help. Action5
I thought as much. Action6
As you would have it. Action7
You require nothing more? Select rare1
If you think it is wise to do so. So much comes back to haunt us.

Select rare2

With vengeance! Critical hit
Ugh! Critical miss
Weapon has no effect! Target immune
I have too much in my pack as it is. You'll have to pick that up off the ground. Inventory full
My concentration is undone. My spell has failed! Spell disrupted

Dialogues Edit

Quickly! We must get out of here before whoever did this returns. I swear, traveling with you is never dull.
Kha... Khalid?
Khalid... No! This... this is an illusion... a dream... a bad dream...
Sil... Silvanus guide the light... to the source. Take this man to what he justly deserves. By... nature's will, what was given is returned; what was turmoil is now... is now peace.
Khalid? Silvanus let him hear my vow... If I must, I shall empty this entire city of all within to find his killer... So do I swear.
Ooohhh... mm! I did not find resting at all comfortable last eve. I... *cough*... I just couldn't bring my eyes to close. My head pounds as thunder behind my temples.
My very bones ache today. It is as though I age on the inside. Ohh, this cannot go on for long.
I feel... weak, but better. I... *cough* *cough*... I thank you for helping me through this. You have earned my gratitude and... ehh... and I should really get a full day of rest. 
You have saved me, and I am in your debt once more. I am... I am glad you risked so much to come for me.
There you are! I—I missed you while I was gone. I—I mean... well, I am glad to see you. I must tell you, however, that we must go to the Harper Hold in Athkatla.
It is... good to see you again. After we parted ways last, I had the strange feeling that you had... but no. You are alive and well, I see. Obviously, I was mistaken.
So. It seems we have finally reached the end of your quest. What comes next... could change you forever and dictate your... our future.
It seems my promise to Gorion is at last at an end. It will be... difficult to watch you move on to a higher state of being, if that is where you choose to go. But you hardly need my guidance any longer.
So this is it. I... wish you well. Maybe... maybe someday... oh, well... I doubt this is the last we've heard of you...
Wh... what?
Yes... *ahem*... I—I suppose we shall see.


Jaheira has a luscious European accent, and Khalid, a stammer. Their personalities are opposed in this way and others. Jaheira tends to be headstrong and very certain of her own ways, sometimes to the annoyance of other NPCs (Viconia, for example) or (depending on how the player character reacts at certain points) even the protagonist. Many companions refuse to be servile flunkies at the beck and call of the player, and Jaheira is no exception: "Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure?" (Which, of course means the player, not the character, unlike the other followers).

Jaheira's inconsistency with regards to party deaths is a perfectly ironic blend of true love for her mate and jaded neutrality to the fate of others. She is normally philosophical, even laconic, about the death of other party members, with a "No tears shed for those lost in righteous battle". Should Khalid die, however, she lets out an anguished wail.

Trivia Edit

  • Jaheira is voiced by Heidi Shannon (as Hidi Shannon).

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