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The quest Jaheira and Khalid begins when you invite them to join your party. They recommend going to Nashkel to investigate the iron shortage that has affected the entire region.

They will complain occasionally if you dawdle on the way to Nashkel, but will eventually stop doing so if you choose to explore other areas extensively first.


Encountering Khalid and Jaheira in The Friendly Arm initiates a flurry of activity in your Journal:

New QuestEdit

Jaheira and Khalid

Jaheira and Khalid would have me accompany them to Nashkel.''

  • Quest Completed: Special. When you arrive in Nashkel, this quest is simply removed from the Quests section of your Journal, with no entry in the Done Quests section.

A Quest MorphsEdit

The Quest Important Events: Meet with Khalid & Jaheira shows up in Done Quests as "The Friendly Arm Inn."

The Friendly Arm Inn

I have arrived safely at the Friendly Arm Inn. Here I contacted Khalid and Jaheira.''

Old Quest, New EntryEdit

The previous entry under "Important Events" in the Quests section is replaced by "Travel to Naskel."

Important Events: Travel to Nashkel

As I have little else to do and few allies, I should devote some time to investigating the cause of the iron shortage in the region. My next stop should be the town of Nashkel to the south.''

Note: At this point you could well have exactly four active quests in your journal, each of them urging you to go to Nashkel. Don't let this discourage you too much from embarking upon other side quests as you travel, as you will need to improve your equipment and level up before you can accomplish much there. In fact, it would take some luck and more skill to arrive in Nashkel at all without first completing some of the quests available here and in Beregost.

Achievement Edit

FFatFA achievement icon

Friendly Faces at the Friendly Arm Edit

Speak to Khalid and Jaheira at the Friendly Arm Inn.

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