Jalantha Mistmyr is the high priestess of Umberlee in Baldur's Gate.  She can be found in the Water Queen's House in the city docks. In order to see her the player has to talk to the blond priestess first.

Related questsEdit

Marek and LothanderEdit

The Iron Throne assassin, Marek, has secretly poisoned Gorion's Ward and their party.  They must find the antidote within ten days or die, but Marek's partner, Lothander, offers to assist them, if they can free him from his geas. Jalantha Mistmyr is eventually revealed as the one in possession of the scroll which can free Lothander from his geas.

Tremain's SonEdit

A child named Varci Roaringhorn approaches the party and asks them to follow him to the home of the father of his friend, Casson Belde'ar.  Tremain asks the party to recover his son's body from the Water Queen's House after he was killed for trespassing.


  • She may be killed without a Reputation penalty.
  • If Tenya has previously been aided, she will help the party get Casson's body without paying her 2000Goldpieces or killing her.
  • If she is killed during both Tremain's Son and Marek and Lothander, it will be possible to save the 2000Goldpieces and keep the Tome of Understanding to be used by one of the party members.
  • High enough pickpocket skill can help your thief steal Geas Removal Scroll without killing anyone.