Jared is fleeing a bear in the Area North of Gnoll Stronghold. He is at the eastern end of the southern bridge, at 4675, 3665. He approaches as you come into sight, giving you a quest.



The journal entry identifies Jared as a merchant, but he has the "charming personality" that we come to associate with nobility in the game. You may regret having helped him if you pause long enough to read what he has to say.

  • When you first speak to Jared:
Oh, thank goodness someone came by. There's a bear on the other side of that bridge and it's coming this way! Please hold it off, I'll give you anything!
  • While the quest is incomplete:
What are you waiting for? You're adventurers, aren't you?
  • Quest completed with Reaction 15+:
Why, thank you. That old lumbering oaf could have had me there if it weren't for young lumbering oafs like yourselves. Here, if you're going to be wandering around these mountains for a while, you may need a better pair of boots. As for me, you couldn't pay me to stick around in this place.
  • Quest completed with Reaction 8-14:
Okay, not quite anything. Here's 50 gold pieces, though. Will that be... uh, all right?