Joluv is a merchant selling some powerful unique magical items referencing Icewind Dale, such as the Sling of Everard, Joril's Dagger and the Defender of Eastheaven +2 in the Copper Coronet.

List of WaresEdit

Item In stock
Staff of Arundel 1
Kachiko's Wakizashi 1
CDUNQ25700001 Ninjatō of the Scarlet Brotherhood 1
Sling of Everard 1
Jerrod's Mace 1
Everard's Morning Star 1
CDUNQ24600001 Spear of Kuldahar 1
IBLUN1300000 Defender of Easthaven 1
Joril's Dagger 1
Axe of Hrothgar 1


Joluv initially did not appear in the original release of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, but was latter added to the game in some of the exclusive Collector's Edition versions of the game. He was later made available as a free-downloadable content. Those who do not own the Collector's edition or Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition might still need to search the Internet for the Joluv add-on.