The wolves can appear to be human, but don't be fooled, they are animals at heart. They will kill for pleasure as much as for food.

Jorin is a veteran soldier from the Werewolf Village, which is located on the southern half of the Isle of Balduran.

First, he doubts that you will succeed in your quest to defeat the Wolfweres, then he offers you his respect for your abilities and courage.

Second, with the right question asked, he will give you hints on how to recognize and fight various types of wolfweres or he wishes you luck and that you'll need plenty of it.

The younger wolf beasts are much weaker than their elders. They are dark brown in color with some black fur. They are completely tactless. They will attack without thought regardless of the odds. The older beasts are black with some silver fur. […] Some of them can even cast spells. […] The beasts can not be injured with normal weapons. Only blessed or enchanted weapons will harm them.

However, this and the related journal entry may be a bit misleading, because Greater Wolfweres and Wolfweres look alike. There is no difference in fur color. In addition, Greater Wolfweres can only be harmed by weapons with the silver subtype. Most magical weapons are just as ineffective against them as nonmagical ones.

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