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Referred to in "classic" Baldur's Gate as Joseph's Greenstone Ring. In the south east of Nashkel, if you manage to break into Joseph's home, you will find his wife. After speaking politely with her for a while she will ask you to keep an eye out for her husband in the mines.

Her description of Joseph is: blue eyes, brown hair and (most importantly) the owner of a greenstone ring.

You will encounter the body of Joseph on the third level of Nashkel Mines, pry the ring from his cold finger and return it to his wife in Nashkel.

  • Note: This quest is missable, if you complete the mines before you speak to her, then Joseph's wife will only say to you that she is mourning for her husband's death (in BG:EE this bug is fixed).
  • Note: If you miss the ring the first time around, then it will despawn if you rest too long (like all items left on the floor for too long).


  • Quest Active:
Joseph's Wife

We told a young woman in Nashkel that we'd try to find her husband, who has disappeared in the city's adjoining mines. His name is Joseph and he wears a greenstone ring.

  • Quest Completed:
Joseph's Wife

While we could not save Joseph, we told his wife that we had found his corpse.

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