Gold runs the world kid, the faster ya learn that the better life'll treat ya.

Kagain is a lawful evil dwarf fighter and a potential companion.BGTotSCBG:EE

Baldur's Gate & Tales of the Sword Coast Edit

Recruitment Edit

Kagain is available from Chapter 1. Travel to Beregost, you will find him in his shop next door to Feldepost's Inn, ask him about the service he runs and he will hire you to accompany him to find out why one of his caravans was missing. Accept this offer and he will join.

Related quests Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Ajantis will eventually attack any of the evil party members, but you can call him off by controlling him to do something else.
  • Yeslick Orothair - Conflict

Gameplay Edit

Kagain has the highest HP of any companions in game, his 20 constitution also gives him a natural regeneration (1hp/min) which will generally allow him to regain a large amount of health when traveling between areas on the world map and whenever party rest. As a dwarf, he also has a 5 bonus to his Death, Wands and Spells saving throws due to his constitution score, making him an excellent tank character. 

In spite of being evil, Kagain is a valuable, if temporary, addition to a good-aligned party, he will only leave the party if your reputation reaches 19.

In classic game versions, It is best to recruit Kagain earlier. The reason for this is that his level 6 version got very low health rolls between levels 2 and 6. Assuming maximum rolls each level it is quite possible to have Kagain with 90 health at level 6 if you pick him up at level 1. This is a huge difference compared to the 60 health he would normally have if you get his level 6 variant.  

Starting levels in classic Baldur's Gate
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment
1.00 - 1.99 1 115 9 15 (Max possible:10+5)
  • Axe ++
  • Flail/Morning Star +
  • Crossbow +
2.00 - 2.99 2 2019 14 25 (Max possible:20+10)
3.00 - 4.99 4 8232 31 43 (Max possible:40+20)
  • Axe +++
  • Flail/Morning Star +
  • Crossbow +
5.00+ 6 33839 69 60 (Max possible:60+30)
  • Axe ++++
  • Flail/Morning Star +
  • Crossbow +

In-Game Biography Edit

When asked about his past, KAGAIN stresses that the questioner should just mind their own business if they want to keep their teeth. It is apparent that he runs a rather shady mercenary company and that he is quite obsessed with wealth, but any information beyond this he is content to keep to himself.

Quotes Edit

Greetings. I am Kagain. What can I do for you? Initial meeting
This isn't worth dying over. Morale failure
I like it here. Happy
You buncha chumps! What the hell do ya think you was doing? Unhappy-annoyed
Do gooders always make me wanna vomit. Unhappy-serious
That's it. This dwarf is leaving! Unhappy-break
As leader, I plan to make us stinking rich. Leader
Even a dwarf's got a limit to his stamina. Tired
Waiting around ain't gonna make us any money. Bored
For the love o' money. Battlecry1
This dwarf's not feeling too good. Hurt
Damn forest, always reminds me of pansy elves. Forest
I like it here, where the gold grows. Dungeon
I don't wanna talk. Select1
Go pester someone else. Select2
I need an ale. Select3
*buuurp* Sure. Action1
All right. Action2
Why me? Action3
The only thing better than gold... is more gold. Action4
You pugs are starting to piss me off. Action5
Gold runs the world, kid. Faster ya learn that, the better life will treat ya. Action6
If I had a copper for every moron I've run across, I could buy Baldur's Gate! Action7
You're the stupidest dwarf I've ever met! You're an embarrassment to dwarves everywhere! Interaction1
Yeslick, your stupid mine is what started all this trouble.


Yeslick, shut your lousy mouth and get out of my face.


You're an imbecile, Yeslick! If you piss me off one more time, I'm gonna rip your head off.


Ya lousy excuse for a dwarf, I'm gonna rip you a new arse.


Are you some kind of a moron? What do ya think you was doing?! Insult1
Ya dolt, shut yer trap before it gets you into trouble. Insult2
Altruistic moron! Special1
Better them than me. To death-general
Stupid dwarf was gonna die sooner or later. To death-specific
You should shaddup. To insult1
Keep on talking that way and I'm gonna stuff yer mouth full o' horse dung.

To insult2

Shaddup and show me the money!

To insult3


Unlike most evil companions in Baldur's Gate, Kagain does not show any signs of psychotic behavior. Instead he is depicted as a cold-hearted and pragmatic mercenary who only cares about money and profit.

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