Kalah is a gnome illusionist who has put the Circus Tent under his control.


Kalah was hired as the Athkatla circus' illusionist; he was performing onstage when his spell fizzled and the audience started laughing at his ineptitude. This fueled Kalah's anger, who somehow transformed the tent's interior into a palace of shadow, full of malevolent illusions and Giant Spiders. Kalah himself took the appearance of an Ogre Mage and killed most of the spectators and personnel in revenge for laughing at him, leaving only few alive:

Upon reaching him, he will greet Gorion's Ward and mock Aerie if she is in the party by torturing her "Uncle" Quayle. He will then initiate combat, assisted by three Shadows.

Upon defeating him, the illusions cast over the Circus tent will fall apart. Kalah will show no remorse for what he has done, cursing Gorion's Ward's party for defeating him in his dying breath. Where he got his powers from will remain unknown.


Investigate the circus tentEdit

Something terrible has happened at the circus, and Gorion's Ward and their party may choose to investigate.

Kalah & What He Was PromisedEdit

This side quest was not part of the original Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn release, but is added to the game by the Unfinished Business (Baldur's Gate II) mod.