Karan is a long-time tutor of Gorion's Ward in Candlekeep. He approaches you when you emerge from the Candlekeep Barracks after the assassination attempt by Carbos during the Baldur's Gate Prologue:

"I heard shouting, [player name]! Are you alright?"

1:-He's... He's dead, whoever he was. He lunged at me with a knife. Oh Karan, what is happening to this place?
It's not this place, child... It's you they're after. Gorion is waiting on the steps to the central library and wants you to go to him as soon as you have bought what you need at the Inn. Oh, [player name], I have been your tutor for so many years and only in this moment have I come to doubt that my teachings have not been enough. Go to Gorion, child. It is safe for you here no longer...
2:-It is better you don't ask questions, Karan. You have instructed and inspired me throughout my childhood and your heart would break to see what has just transpired here.
Oh child! You are too young for the life that is being thrust upon you... If you be fully equipped for your journey, I pray you run now to Gorion on the library steps for he is anxious to depart.

In spite of what he and others say, there is no urgency to prepare yourself and meet with Gorion, except in terms of story-telling atmosphere.

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