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Keexie Tavern is a small establishment in Baldur's Gate. Located at the south-easternmost corner of the lot with the entrances to the Thieves' Guild in Baldur's Gate East, just slightly northwest of Sorcerous Sundries.

The entrance to the tavern is on the west side of the building, not directly visible on the map.


On the first floor, there is a bar, several booths and small tables, while the second floor contains several larger tables, billiards, two roulette tables and another bar.


Drinks Price
Bitter Black Ale 1
Dragonb's Breah Beer 1
Luiren's Best Ale 1
Old One Eye Beer 1
Shadowdark Ale 1
Suz Ale 1
Westgate Ruby Wine 1
Rooms Price
Peasant 1
Merchant 3

Gallery Edit

Keexie Tavern maps: main floor and upstairs

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