Key to River Plug is a quest item in Baldur's Gate. It's needed in order open the plug that will flood the Cloakwood Mine, the old home of the dwarven clan Orothair, should the player wish it. It is dropped by Davaeorn at the end of Chapter 4.

In earlier versions of the game, the key is not consumed in the process and can be sold to some stores for 5 gp. By version 2.2 of the Enhanced Edition, the key is consumed upon use.


This key is a magical instrument used to bypass the arcane glyphs that seal the river plug on the first level of the mines.


  • As Davaeorn's dialogue reveals, the chest in his bedroom that's locked with difficulty 90 originally should contain the key. Perhaps because of this high lock difficulty the developers had decided to put the key into Davaeorn's inventory instead.