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Khalid is a Neutral-Good Half-Elf Fighter and potential companion in Baldur's Gate. He is a good friend to Gorion, and is happily married to Jaheira. He is a rather shy and timid fellow whose speech is handicapped by a stutter, and thus tends to avoid crowds and cities. He is truly devoted to his wife Jaheira, though with both present in the party, one cannot help but fall under the impression that the wife is the one who "wears the trousers" in the union.

Nevertheless, Khalid is a loyal companion and a friend to those who have gained his trust. He stays true to the memory of his friend Gorion and will compliment Gorion's Ward should they follow in the footsteps of their father by maintaining a high Reputation.

Baldur's GateEdit

To hire Khalid, travel to the Friendly Arm Inn, you will find him with his wife, Jaheira, at the bar. Explain who you are (Gorion's ward) and simply invite him to join. If Khalid joins Jaheira will also join. The only way to separate these two is if one dies.

He comes equipped with Splint MailHelmetMedium ShieldLong Sword and one Potion of Healing. At level 1 he has 13 hp and the Weapon Proficiencies:

  • Long Sword ++
  • Axe +
  • Longbow +
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Recruitment
Average party level Level XP Gold Hit Points Weapon Proficiencies Equipment
1.00 - 1.99 1 42 11 10 (1d10)
  • Long Sword ++
  • Axe +
  • Longbow +
2.00 - 2.99 2 3138 14 18 (2d10)
3.00 - 4.99 4 8037 17 32 (4d10)
  • Long Sword +++
  • Axe +
  • Longbow +
5.00+ 6 33871 25 46 (6d10)
  • Long Sword +++
  • Axe +
  • Longbow ++


In-game biographyEdit

When asked about his past, Khalid nervously reveals that he was born and raised in the nation of Calimshan. He does not say much of his parents, but you get the feeling that his merchant father thought little of him, devoting much more attention to Khalid's half brothers. Khalid thus threw himself into the martial pursuits, studying under members of the city militia. He doesn't go into detail on how he met Jaheira , but his adoration of her is obvious. When asked about how he knew Gorion, he will only say that they had long been friends, and that many shared acquaintances will mourn his loss with harpsong.


  • (Selecting) "Er..Eer...Can I help you?"
  • (Selecting) "You have need of me?"
  • (Selecting) "Waaaarrggh... -Ahem- ..yes?"
  • (Moving) "If none are better."
  • (Moving) "I can but try."
  • (Moving) "I'll do my best."
  • (Clicking) "If at first I don't succeed, the wife won't let me forget."
  • (Clicking) "Th-t-th-that's all Fo-f-fo-folks!"
  • (Clicking) "Ch-ch-ch...- ch-ch-ch-chia!"
  • (Clicking) "Click on someone your own size!"
  • (Attacking) "Oh, my heart's really not in this.
  • (Fatigued) -yawn- "I think much c-c-clearer with-with rest. Might we ...stop?"
  • (Idle) "I prefer these long periods of relaxation. Lovely day for it."
  • (Party Leader) "I-if you wish, but I-I'm not a very inspiring leader."
  • (Low health) "Ah, I am getting weaker. I'll need a healer as soon as possible."
  • (Morale failure) "Better part of valor! Better part of valor!"
  • (Area; daytime) "Sunny or not, 'tis nice to enjoy the out-of-doors."
  • (Area; nighttime) "Even with infravision I prefer the daylight."
  • (Area; city) "Cities are always so intimidating, so many people."
  • (Area; forest) "I am much more at ease in the forest."
  • (Area; dungeon) "T-there are S-SO many places I would rather be."
  • (Companion; death) "Another friend fallen. Does it never end?"
  • (Companion; death - Jaheira) "Jah... Jaheira. No. NO!"
  • (Companion; good banter) "Your honesty is refreshing, but lace it well with tact."
  • (Companion; evil banter #1) "I don’t want to seem c-confrontational, but could you be a little less …well …evil."
  • (Companion; evil banter #2) "I had thought none could be so beyond the bounds of goodness, certainly you need h-help."
  • (Companion; evil end) "Usually everyone proves themselves but there is something disturbing about you."
  • (Reputation; happy) "Gorion would be proud of your actions"
  • (Reputation; unhappy) "Gorion would have none of this! 'Tis shameful!"
  • (Reputation; angry) "I'll not have a part in this! Change your course lest I be forced to s-stop you!"
  • (Reputation; breaking-point) "I will not allow this! It's - it's utterly evil!"
  • (Reputation; post-break) "I c-cannot say that I have enjoyed our t-time together, but for the sake of Gorion I will not protest your actions further. If there is anything of him within you, you will ultimately turn out all right... though it does seem doubtful at the moment. Come Jaheira d-darling. We must leave this one to his chosen path."

Baldur's Gate IIEdit

According to the Bhaalspawn series canon, Khalid was in the party of Gorion's Ward after the events of Baldur's Gate, but just before the events of Shadows of Amn, they were captured by Jon Irenicus. Near the end of their imprisonment, Jon decided to sacrifice Khalid's life for the sake of an experiment. The party finds his lifeless body in a room near where the potential companion Yoshimo will be encountered.

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