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Khan Zahraa is a Dao Djinni merchant present at Trademeet. Completing the Dealing with the Trademeet Genies quest will cause him to disappear.

Buy and SellEdit

Item Icon Item name Stock Selling price
(rep = 3) (rep = 8-14) (rep = 20)
Arrow item icon BG2 Arrow x40 20
Arrow +2 item icon BG2 Arrow +2 x40 4
Arrow of Piercing x40 7
Icon Acid Arrow Acid Arrow x40 5
Bolt item icon BG2 Bolt x40 Unlimited
Bolt of Biting item icon BG2 Bolt of Biting x40 3
Icon Bolt of Lightning Bolt of Lightning x40 5
Bullet item icon BG2 Bullet x40 Unlimited
Bullet +2 item icon BG2 Bullet +2 7
Amulet of Protection +1 item icon BG2 Amulet of Protection +1 1
Icon Wand of Frost Wand of Frost 1
Oil of Speed icon BG Oil of Speed 2
Potion of Agility item icon BG2 Potion of Agility 3
Antidote item icon BG2 Antidote 5
Potion of Absorption 1
Potion of Extra Healing item icon BG2 Potion of Extra Healing 2
Icon Potion of Perception Potion of Perception 4
Potion of Master Thievery item icon BG2 Potion of Master Thievery 3
Potion of Fire Giant Strength item icon BG2 Potion of Fire Giant Strength 1
Scroll of Protection From Electricity Icon Scroll of Protection From Electricity 1
Improved Invisibility Icon Scroll Improved Invisibility 1
Non-Detection Icon Scroll Non-Detection 1
Chain Mail 2
Chain Mail +1 1
Splint Mail +1 item icon BG2 Splint Mail +1 1
Medium Shield +1 item icon BG2 Medium Shield +1 3
Quarter Staff +1 1
Short Sword +1 item icon BG2 Short Sword +1 1
Scimitar +1 1
Katana +1 +2 item icon BG2 Katana +1 Unlimited
Two Handed Sword +1 item icon BG2 Two-handed Sword +1 Unlimited
Spear +1 1
Flail +1 item icon BG2 Flail +1 1
Mace +1 item icon BG2 Mace +1 1
Morning Star +1 item icon BG2 Morning Star +1 1
Heavy Crossbow +1 item icon BG2 Heavy Crossbow +1 1
Light Crossbow +1 item icon BG2 Light Crossbow +1 1
Composite Longbow +1 1
Longbow +1 1
Short Bow +1 item icon BG2 Shortbow +1 1
Sling +1 item icon BG2 Sling +1 1
Battle Axe +1 1
Dagger +1 1
Halberd +1 item icon BG2 Halberd +1 Unlimited
Dart +1 x40 2
Adventurer's Robe 1

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