Kiel was the son of Durlag Trollkiller and Islanne, as well as the older brother of Fuernebol. Like his brother and mother, Kiel was murdered by doppelgangers who had infiltrated Durlag's Tower and wanted the treasures found within for themselves. He was murdered whilst training in his practice chamber. He had the nickname of 'The Legion Killer.'

Oh, Kiel, Clan-prince of this dark tower,

You made your death your finest hour.''

—  Passage from a dusty book found in Durlag's Tower


Doppelgangers in Kiel's form can be found throughout Labyrinth Level 2 of Durlag's Tower and must be slain repeatedly by Gorion's Ward and party just as Durlag was forced to do.

The following magical gear of Kiel's can be found on Labyrinth Level 2:


  • The drop items left after killing the doppelganger form(s) of Kiel are listed in the infobox.