This shield was once used by Kiel, the first-born son and oldest child of Durlag and Islanne. Kiel died while fighting the doppelgangers who invaded his father's tower. He has a morning star which can be found in the same chest near his grave. His helmet is found earlier on the same floor near the throne of Durlag's Tower. It is almost the same as a normal buckler when looking at the statistics, but this shield raises the dexterity of the wielder by one point, which benefit is only provided by The Brawling Hands in classic BG.

This item appears in TotSCBG:EE.

In-game descriptionEdit

This is the buckler of Kiel the Legion-Killer, first-born son of Durlag Trollkiller and Clan-prince of his father's ill-fated tower. Its light weight and excellent craftmanship increase the dexterity of all who bear it by a single point.

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