Kirinhale is succubus imprisoned by Durlag Trollkiller in his tower, who requests that Gorion's Ward stay with her forever, if Gorion’s Ward is Male. If Gorion’s Ward is Female, Kirinhale will lament that a female found her and tell Gorion's Ward her charms will not work on Gorion's Ward. Female Gorion's Ward can still choose to aid or kill Kirinhale, however. The party can either agree to free her by tricking another inhabitant into willingly accepting a lock of her hair or kill her. Giving the Lock of Hair from Kirinhale to Riggilo downstairs will accomplish the former, at which point the party can return to Kirinhale to confirm her escape and claim their reward (4,000 exp). Alternatively, the party can refuse Kirinhale's request and kill her for 3,000 exp and the Staff Spear +2, while looting the lock of hair and trading it to the thief for a Potion of Cloud Giant Strength.

See the Durlag's Tower Walkthrough for details.