Knott is a unique bandit that appears in Baldur's Gate. He is located inside one of tents in the Bandit Camp and will make an attempt at provoking the player into a fight upon entering his tent. The protagonist may either diffuse the situation, attack him, or pressure him to give up some relatively unreliable information; the location of Tazok's tent, the inhabitants, and the lack of traps (despite there being at least one).

EE Journal EntryEdit

Tazok and the BanditsEdit

"Loyalty in this camp runs about as strong as the iron they're stealing. With a little "encouragement," I was able to get one of the bandits to discole that Tazok's tent lies in the northeast part of the encampment. That guards lie within is no surprise, but the fact that there be a prisoner too... aye, that may yet be of use. But I should not tarry here, pen in hand, lest my tunic become stained not with ink but with my own heart's blood."