Korax is a ghoul in the Mutamin's Garden area east of Temple, at co-ordinates 435, 1465 (midway up the western side of the area), that will temporarily join Gorion's Ward and their party. He is an invaluable aid against the many basilisks in the area, being undead and therefore immune to their petrification attacks, for as long as he remains friendly. He will, however, eventually turn hostile.

He doesn't truly join the party, so much as accompany and help. The dialogue pane gives the message "Korax the Ghoul: Dire charmed" when you accept his offer of help. So long as the charm holds, he is an ally.

That he will eventually turn hostile should come as no great surprise, given some of the very unsubtle hints he gives before he turns on you:

  •  Korax hungry. Mm, very hungry.
  •  Korax thinks you look very tasty today.
  •  Korax sorry, but he so very hungry. He must eat now! He must eat you!
He says this last phrase when he attacks enemies of the party, perhaps indicating that frequent battles will help to keep him fed and friendly ... or, the charm may simply last 20 rounds, as the spell normally does when cast, or have some other pre-determined duration. When the game casts a spell on or on behalf of an NPC, the rulebook means little.

You must accept his offer when it is first made. Depending on your response, he will be either dead, permanently gone from the game, or a temporary ally.


Wait, me no want fight, me Korax, me friend!

  • 1:-Sorry, chum, but you're a ghoul, and we're adventurers, so we're going to have to kill you. And don't look so surprised—it's all by the book.
  • 2:-You're not our friend, but since you're a talking ghoul, and we haven't seen too many talking ghouls, we'll let you live. Now get out of here!
No one likes me. Me so sad.
  • 3:-You can be our friend, but you better not do anything that'll make us mad.
Me will be good boy, me promise. Me will help you with anything you need.