Krotan's Skullcrusher (Krotan's Skullcrusher +2 in-game), also named Mace +2, is an enchanted weapon. When this weapon is compared to a normal mace it does +2 more damage and has a +2 THAC0 bonus. It's speed factor is 5, making it two points faster. and with a weight of 7 lbs, its 3 lbs lighter. This item appears in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.This falls under the mace proficiency, but only in Baldur's Gate, it's in the blunt weapons proficiency instead.

In Baldur's Gate, this is the most powerful mace which is found in Durlag's Tower at the fourth underground level, in the area with the deadly floor trap, before the demonknight.


Mace +2: 'Krotan's Skullcrusher.' Even the hordes have their heroes, and while they are vilified in civilized company, their deeds are sometimes impressive nonetheless.Krotan was an expectionally intelligent orc, as far as orcs go, who commanded an ever-shifting legion of ogres, orcs, hobgoblins, and other assorted beasties during the Year of the Lost Lady, 1241 DR. It was in this tear that a group of bandit orcs allegdly kidnapped and killed a Tethyrian noblewoman, and the response from authorities was genocidal slaughter of orcs throughout the south in her memory. Krotan mounted a defense that ensured his people were not entirely destroyed; though they were displaced. Krotan himself fell near the end of the conflict, and his head was mounted outside the graveyard where the young lady was buried. As a point of interest, orc's called this time the "Year of Pushing Too Far."