Kryll is a female necromancer who has eloped with Taris' husband for unknown reasons.

If Dorn Il-Khan is recruited into the party, then he will eventually give a quest to find and kill Kryll as revenge for leaving him to rot in a Luskan prison.

After Dorn's quest is active she can be found at the Area East of Nashkel Mines, at the center of the map against a canyon wall.

The undead rarely rise up of their own accord, [player name]. This business reeks of Kryll. Step carefully. She lurks nearby.

— Dorn's warning after they kill the skeletons as they close in on Kryll

During the battle, Kryll will raise approximately five skeletons from the dead corpses around her. If the party defeats any of these skeletons, then Kryll will raise a new one to replace it.

Kryll and allies
Kryll and her not-yet raised "allies"

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  • The skeletons are peculiar in that they have names like normal NPCs. An easter egg is inferred from their respective names: Rick, Lori, Shane and Glen, which are names of several main characters in The Walking Dead graphic novel and television series.