Krystin is one of two assassins hired by Sarevok to kill the grand dukes of Baldur's Gate in chapter seven.. She can be found in the Undercellar in chapter seven along with her husband and partner Slythe. She is initially invisible and will remain so until the start of combat. She accomplishes this via a ring of invisibility but it cannot be looted from her body. At the start of combat she is likely to cast Mirror Image and Minor Globe of Invulnerability.

By the time the player meets Krystin and Slythe they have already killed Duke Silvershield and are planning to kill Duchess Liia and Duke Belt. Under Sarevok's orders they are to meet up with a group of doppelganger assassins at the sewer entrance to the Ducal Palace, blend in with the crowd at his coronation, and wait for the moment to strike. Killing them will not stop Sarevok's plan but it will give the player an invitation to his coronation and potentially incriminating documents.

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Baldur's Gate Edit

  • The Rise of Sarevok

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One down and two to go. Poor Dukes... Wouldn't it have been better if they had all died together?