Not to be confused with Kylee's Dagger. Kylee's Dagger is a short quest in Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Enter the Nashkel Mines and as you near the exit, you will be approached by Miner Dink who will give you a dagger belonging to Miner Kylee, who you will find on the second level. Give him the dagger for a 200 xp reward.


  • Triggered By: Talking to Miner Dink
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Kylee's Dagger
  • Entry Title: Kylee's Dagger
  • Quest Begins:
    I am to return a dagger to Kylee, a miner in the lower level of the Nashkel Mines.
  • Quest Completed:
    Kylee has his dagger once more and seems much less nervous.