Kysus is a human mage and one of four adventurers, led by Drasus, encountered during Baldur's Gate. Their group has been hired to defend the Cloakwood Mine from "anyone that is foolish enough to challenge [them]" - namely, Gorion's Ward.

Upon turning hostile, either by being attacked or after the player speaks with Drasus, Kysus starts off casting Shadow Door, after which he'll volley off several disorienting spells including Confusion and Horror, usually before exhausting his numerous damage-dealers - in particular Flame Arrow, Melf's Acid Arrow, and Agannazar's Scorcher. Interestingly, he also has Fireball memorized, but will likely not make use of it during the course of the battle, even after the rest of his spells have been cast.

In the Enhanced Edition, Kysus drops the unique scroll of Fireshield (Red); the only copy found in the original game.

Draw your daggers and spells, and let's have at her!