Lachluger is a drunk found in the Red Sheaf Inn.

First time you speak to him he misquotes Monty Python;

Ohhhh, I'm a lumberjack an' I'm okay-
I work all night an' I shleep all day!

The second time you speak to him he's singing a song by Tragically Hip;

I'm a werewolf, baby, now an' here I come!
I'm a werewolf, baby, now an' here I come!

The third time you speak to him he sings a song that is to be sung in the tune of Miss Susie;

My momma was a sheepdog,
my papa was a hound,
an' when I fell in love with you, l'il pup,
I knew that I'd been found...

Finally, when you speak to him for the fourth time, he says;

Ah, it'sh okay, Sham- Everyone'sh a critic

Aftwerwads he goes upstairs and vanish from the game.

No item death

Lachluger carries no items.

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