Lamalha is a cleric of Cyric sent by the Iron Throne to kill Gorion's Ward. She waits in the Area East of Carnival (Valley of the Tombs) just north of the exit from the Nashkel Mines with a party of ranged-weapon fighters and another cleric: Telka, Maneira and Zeela.

Unlike other would-be assassins that have been encountered thus far, Lamella and her crew are a serious threat. They may well be the most challenging encounter faced so far, particularly for parties that rely heavily on melee rather than ranged attacks.

Lamhalha favours debilitating mind-control spells such as Rigid Thinking, as does Zeela.

You there, is your name <CHARNAME>? Hurry up and answer. Your answer better be the truth, for your life depends upon it.

— Lamella

Lighten up, girl. We're not going to tell you our name, so why don't you and your little amazons wander back to wherever you came from?

— wrong answer

Little Amazons NPCs
Lamealha and her "little amazons"