Large Shields, which are also called the kite, tower, or body shields, offer the most complete defense of any of the four standard shield designs. Covering nearly the entire profile of an average humanoid, these shields are among the heaviest and most cumbersome equipment available. Like other three types of shields, large shields can be found in three different colors. They are made from wood and/or metal. Large shields provide a -1 bonus to armor class and an additional -1 bonus against missiles and piercing attacks.

These shields have a weight of 15 lbs., and (due to lack of training in handling them,) they cannot be wielded by bards, druids, mages or thieves. Large shields are widely available in armory stores like the Candlekeep Inn, Thunderhammer Smithy, Nashkel Store, Ulgoth's Beard Inn and many others.

In-game descriptionEdit

The body shield, also known as the kite or tower shield, is a massive shield, metal or wooden shield reaching nearly from the chin to the toe of the user. It must be firmly fastened to the forearm and the shield hand must firmly grip at all times. Naturally, this precludes use of the shield arm for anything but holding the body shield in place.


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