Large Shield +1 is an enchanted shield, sold at many general stores in Baldur's Gate, the Friendly Arm Inn and the Nashkel Store. In Baldur's Gate II it is sold by Enge, Ribald Barterman, the Trademeet Smithy, Therndle Daglefodd and by the Tankard Tree in Saradush. Compared to normal large shield it, it weighs 3 lbs less and it offers a armor class bonus of 2, instead of 1. Of course, this item is more expensive.


The body shield, also known as the kite or tower shield, is a massive shield metal or wooden shield reaching nearly from the chin to the toe of the user. It must be firmly fastened to the forearm and the shield hand must firmly grip at all times. Naturally, this precludes use of the shield arm for anything but holding the body shield in place.