45px Larswood is one of the areas from the World Map.

Larswood has only two points of interest: the abandoned tower south and the druid shrine which is under construction in the northeast.

  • Osmadi's Folly - A druidic shrine in the northeast; the builders have been run off or killed by bandits. One of the survivors, Osmadi, 4680, 670, takes the party for bandits and turns hostile, and can not be dissuaded. The druid Corsone will lie repeatedly under questioning, but eventually confess to having poisoned Osmadi, whom he calls a weakling presence in the way of the Shadow Druids. Now that the party knows his secret, he wants to kill them. This all is a foreshadowing of the warning that Seniyad in the Cloakwood gives about the Shadow Druids. Osmadi and Corsone each send one of the bears that roam nearby at the party.
  • Teven - 1458, 2245, can recruit a party that claims to be villainous into the bandit faction; the player is taken directly to the Bandit Camp once they join. The player can not only find the bandit camp this way, but infiltrate it.
  • In BG:EE the drow sorcerer Baeloth can be found near the abandoned south tower.

The abandoned tower can be found south at co-ordinates 2050, 3230.



Other nearby areas include:

Some of this looks quite counter-intuitive on the World Map. The World Map was changed, particularly in this region, for BG:EE, but all this accomplished was to make a different set of transitions seem unlikely.

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