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Code AR2900
Type Wilderness
Places Druid Circle, abandoned tower
Notable inhabitants Teven, Corsome and Osmadi

Larswood is one of the areas from the World Map.
Larswood has only a few interesting objects, the abandoned tower south and the druid shrine which is under construction in the northeast.
  • Osmadi's Folly. A Druidic shrine in the northeast; the builders have been run off or killed by bandits. One of the survivors, Osmadi, 4680, 670, takes the party for bandits and turns hostile, and can not be dissuaded. The Druid Corsone will lie repeatedly under questioning, but eventually confess to having poisoned Osmadi, who he calls a weakling collaborator who would allow the poison of city life to seep into this project of the Shadow Druids. Now that the party knows his secret, he wants to kill them. This all is a foreshadowing of the warning that Seniyad in Cloakwood Forest gives about the Shadow Druids. Osmadi and Corsone each send one of the big bears that roam the Druid shrine area at the party.
  • Teven- 1458, 2245, can recruit a party that claims to be villainous into the Bandit faction; the player is taken directly to the Bandit camp once they join. The player can not only find the bandit camp this way, but infiltrate it, which gives a closeup perspective on the day-to-day life of the villain of the piece.
  • In BG:EE the Drow Sorcerer "Baeloth" can be found near the abandoned south tower.

The abondoned tower can be found south at coordinates 2050, 3230.


Gibberlings, Bandits, Black Talon Elites, Wild Dogs, Dire Wolves, Wolves, Brown Bears, Cave Bears can be commonly found in this area. Resting here may be disturbed by:


In BG:EE, nearby locations and their travelling times include:

The unenhanced Baldur's Gate world map differs slightly. The following may apply to (and make sense to users of) that version:

It is as far to Beregost as it is to Coast Way: 16 hours, and disc 1 needs to be used to load the N. of Beregost map. The player may wish to travel to Larswood directly.

Peldvale is closer to the Friendly Arm Inn (16 hours) than Larswood (24 hours), where the reverse appears to be true on the map. Also, if anything, the Friendly Arm Inn looks closer than Beregost, and yet it is a longer journey by eight hours. It is possible that there is rougher terrain, so it takes longer.

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