Larze is an ogre, encountered in the Blushing Mermaid.

Larze will crush you now, crush you to paste.

Unlike previous would-be assassins, Larze carries no note or letter authorizing his actions. Also, his attack can be avoided by choosing dialog option 1. This will cause him to go away and check a picture of the person he is looking for, telling you to stay where you are until he returns. The reward for this choice is 900 XP. He actually will never come back, though.


"Huurm. I be Larze. You be [Gorion's Ward]. Don't try deny it. You should not have come to Baldur's Gate. You given many warning before, but you ignore them. Now you must pay. Sorry, but Larze must kill."

1:- Wait one moment, you big oaf. Why would you think that I'm [Gorion's Ward]? Do I look like I could be that kind of hero? [Gorion's Ward] is a juggernaut of destruction, with flaming eyes and a roaring voice. My companions and I, we're just normal folks.
2:- I'm really starting to get tired of threats. Everywhere I go, I'm threatened. Well, you big lug, you're going to end up like all the rest of them.
3:- How about you just let us go? I'll be walking out that door right now... okay?