Laurel is a human paladin in the Area North of Gnoll Stronghold that asks for your help to fight off a large group of gibberlings. Unless your party has a Reputation of seven or less, in which case she attacks you. She can be killed without penalty.

You will find her just west of the northern bridge, at 1275, 1115.

Laurel not only participates in her quest, she will fight any enemy that comes within her sight. For example, if you camp nearby and your rest is interrupted by monsters, or if you run past her with an enemy in pursuit.



Who knew that gibberlings came in herds?

"Ah, I sense a party of adventurers that seeks to do good in the world. How would you like to fend off a herd of gibberlings?"

  • 1:-Yes, we would gladly join you for a while.
Wonderful. You should prepare yourselves. Fire magics work well against the gibberlings, so if you have such spells, use them.
-or- (for reasons unknown,,, parties without a wizard, perhaps?)
Wonderful. The gibberlings should be coming soon. You should prepare yourselves.
  • 2:-No, thank you. A herd of gibberlings shouldn't be too much for an experienced paladin such as yourself.
Aye, you are right. I have held them off nightly for two weeks straight now. Have a safe journey, friends.

When the fight is over:

Gibberlings are a plague that must be wiped from the Sword Coast. Perhaps we will meet again.