Lazarus' Missing Spellbook is a side-quest in Saradush given by Lazarus Librarus. Completing the quest will allow you to access his wares. He sells all mage scrolls as well as a few potions and arcane items. To get the quest you need to go to the Arcana Archives in Saradush and talk to Lazarus.
  • After talking to Lazarus, speak to Squip just north of the Arcana Archives. He will tell you that Hectan paid him to steal the book.
  • Go to the Tankard Tree inn and speak to Hectan. He will admit to taking the book but will only give it back if Lazarus gives him a teleportation scroll to get out of the town.
  • Go back to the Arcana Archives and speak to Lazarus. Tell him what Hectan wants in return for the book. Lazarus gladly gives you a teleportation scroll but also warns you that Yaga-Shura's mages have raised a magical barrier around the city. If Hectan tries to use the scroll, he will be killed.
  • Go back to the Tankard Tree give the scroll to Hectan in return for the spellbook. If you don't warn him, he uses the scroll and gets blown up, and the party loses a reputation point.
  • Return to Lazarus and give him the spellbook. All party members receive 5000xp and he will allow you access to his stock.