Lehtinan is the wealthy owner of the large Copper Coronet in the Athkatla Slums.

Although he's in charge of the inn, he doesn't offer any services, leaving Bernard to run the place instead. Lethian uses the "Copper Coronet" as a façade to run other, more profitable and rather shady ventures, such as gambling on dog fights, less-than-legal gladiatorial combat, opium trade and prostitution (see Madam Nin). Since the building is connected to the Slaver Stockade it is also implied that Lethian participates in slave trade as well.

Lethian speaks with a deep, raspy voice. He is highly suspicious of his patrons' true intentions and rather uncooperative and untalkative.


As Gorion's Ward and their party first meets him, he is hesitant of revealing his "other sorts of entertainments," which include prostitution and gambling on slave pit-fights.

If confronted for keeping slaves in the back of the Copper Coronet or during the Free Hendak and the Slaves quest, Lethian will offer the Gorion's Ward a reward (including Kondar and some gold) should they kill Hendak.

Helping Hendak free himself and the other slaves will inevitably cause the two to confront each other at the bar, where Lehtinan arrogantly accepts Hendak's challenge, but proves no match for the battle-hardened gladiator and is killed with or without the player's aid.

Related QuestsEdit

Free Hendak and the Slaves - Gorion's Ward can side either Hendak or Lethian during the quest.