Lellyn's Journal is about the writer, who is an adventurere of Mazzy Fentan's group, who have been asked to investigate the ruined temple area. This item appears in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. Lellyn will drop dead near the party just after arriving. He has his journal with him.


This journal was found on the body of the shadow slain warrior that you stumbled upon near the entrance to the dark woods. The last entry is of particular interest:

"Nothing is as I'd imagined that it would be. I expected to become a hero when I joined Mazzy Fentan's party. I expected that we would slay monsters with ease and bask in the glory of victory as they do in the old tales. But it is not as it seems.

I did not expect the drudgery of the march, the casual horror of slaughter, the smell of death everywhere. I swear I can taste it! We've killed so many shadows and black wolves that my brain has become as numb as my arm. I am covered in ichor but have not the energy to even clean myself.

If not for Mazzy I think that I would be mad. She is a constant source of strength and always reminds us of the innocents that these beasts have killed, of the horror that we must take upon ourselves to save the people who have no defense. Mazzy is the hero here, not I.

The battle has only just begun. Today we arrived at the entrance to the ruined temple. It was crawling with shadows. Were it not for Mazzy's quick thinking we would surely be dead. There were far too many to fight but Mazzy used the stained glass of the ruins to reflect what light we had, illuminating the entrance and sending the shades to their doom. While the stained glass caught the light, we were able to find a pocket of safety. Any shadows that came within were destroyed by the light.

Tomorrow we will attempt to enter the temple and the darkness. I have never felt such dread. I try to be as brave as Mazzy but cannot. I feel the horrible inescapable urge to run and when the battle is joined, I can only hope that I will not."