45px Lighthouse is one of the areas from the World Map.

Lighthouse is a coastal wilderness area. The only interesting objects here are the lighthouse southwest and the Flesh Golem cave northwest.

Safana, a potential companion, can be found here at coordinates 3750, 2390. She has Missile weapons as a proficiency. It would be difficult, but not impossible, and certainly preferable, to recruit Safana at 4th level when she has 19 HP out of a maximum possible of 24; the sixth level Safana has only 25 HP out of 36.

She want to explore the Flesh Golem Cave, in which Cloak of the Wolf and a Manual of Bodily Health can be found.

Side questsEdit

Flesh Golem CaveEdit

In addition to being a roadblock on the critical path to keeping Safana in the party, Sil and the other Sirines at the entrance of the Flesh Golem cave are part of a quest, which can be received after they are killed, but only if the party's reputation is below 14. Once the reputation requirement has been met and the quest received, the reward can be received at any reputation level. The quest giver is Cordyr in Baldur's Gate Docks, and the rewards are, 1000 XP, Reputation +1, and a Flame Arrow scroll if Reputation is 1-7, and Haste scroll for reputation 8-20.

Fighters with high HP and creatures controlled and/or summoned by the player, especially the Animate Dead skeletons that are immune to Charm. In these scenarios, the Fighter or pet is sent in on their own, and must survive the Sirine's other spells; the distance from the party ensures that the Fighter does not attack any party members. Whether using pet or tank, the strategy behind these tactics is to run the Sirines out of Charm spells. But there is a third option, which is Minsc's Berserk ability. His mind clouded with a killing fury, he is immune to charm effects and will kill the Sirines although control of him is lost. An alternative is the Two Handed Sword, Cursed Berserking +3 found in the area South, the Archaeological Dig.


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