May Tymora bless the peasants of this land for their lives are never easy.

— From the journal

AR3600BG1worldmap Lighthouse is one of the areas from the World Map.

The Lighthouse is a wilderness area at the Sword Coast. With shorelines at the north and the west it can only be left to the south, where an archaeological site is located, and to the east, heading roughly into the direction of High Hedge.


The eponymous but abandoned lighthouse can be found in a small walled area in the southwest, together with two desolate houses. To the north a bay with some sandy beaches cuts off the direct path to a cave, which is located on sirine territory and is said to hold the treasures of the Black Alaric, a pirate of legends.

Side questsEdit




  • Ardrouine (1415,3685) – a child's worried mother and quest giver.
  • Arkushule (3496,2953) – a friendly – though evil in her mind – palmist who soon gets frightened by the ancestry of Gorion's Ward which she might read from their hand.
  • Pallonia (3508,1660) – an astrologer with a particular eye for the big picture.
  • Sil (341,1160) – a wrathful matriarch of her tribe of sirines who has little patience with trespassers of their living-lands.


Notable lootEdit

Main article: Black Alaric's Cave

Black Alaric's CaveEdit

Main article: Black Alaric's Cave

In addition to being a roadblock on the critical path to keep Safana in the party, Sil and her sirines in front of the entrance to Black Alaric's Cave – also known as simply Pirate's Cave or, due to its guardians, Flesh Golem Cave – are part of a quest which can be received after they are killed, but only if the party's reputation is below 14. Once this requirement is met and the quest acquired, its reward can be obtained with any reputation. The quest giver is Cordyr at the Baldur's Gate Docks, and the rewards are 1000 XP and reputation +1; additionally a Flame Arrow scroll for reputations from 1 – 7, and a Haste scroll for higher values.

Fighters with high health and creatures controlled and/or summoned by the player, especially the Animate Dead skeletons that are immune to Charm, are useful for the fight against Sil. In these scenarios, the fighter or pet is sent in on their own and must survive the sirines' other spells; the distance to the party ensures that the fighter does not attack any party members if charmed. Whether using pet or tank, the strategy behind these tactics is to run the sirines out of Charm spells. But there is a third option, which is Minsc's Berserk ability. His mind clouded with a killing fury, he is immune to charm effects and will kill the sirines, although control of him is lost. An alternative is the two-hander Cursed Berserking found in the area to the south, the archaeological site.


Gameplay (community)Edit

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  • It is advisable to get Safana no later than at level 4, when she has 19 hit points out of the possible 24; at level 6 this discrepancy gets larger and she misses 11 points from the maximum.
    • However, a quest that only can be acquired later in the game – namely in chapter 5, after having access to the Gate – ties in with Safana's time-sensitive treasure hunt, so level 4 might not be an option.