When a wizard calls upon a Lightning Bolt spell, he releases a powerful charge of electrical energy that immediately launches itself towards the target creature.


Lightning Bolt
Upon casting this spell, the wizard releases a powerful stroke of electrical energy that inflicts 1d6 points of damage per level of the caster (maximum damage of 10d6) to each creature within its area of effect. A successful Saving Throw vs. Spell reduces this damage to half (round fractions down). The bolt begins at a range and height decided by the caster and streaks outward in a direct line from the casting wizard (e.g., if a 40-ft. bolt was started at 180 ft. from the wizard, the far end would reach 220 ft.(180+40)). If the Lightning Bolt intersects with a wall, it will bounce until it reaches its full length. The bolt does not stop when it hits its target. It continues on its trajectory, bouncing off obstacles at new angles, until it reaches the end of its range.

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