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The limited wish is a very potent but difficult spell. It will fulfill literally, but only partially or for a limited duration, the utterance of the spellcaster. Thus, the actuality of the past, present, or future might be altered (but possibly only for the wizard unless the wording of the spell is most carefully stated) in some limited manner. The use of a limited wish will not substantially change major realities. Effects created by limited wish are divided into 2 categories repeatable which can be used infinite amount of time and effects which can be used only once. Depending on the caster's wisdom, the wish can perverted into a negative effect. Possible effects for "repeatable" wishes:

  • I wish to be protected from the undead. (Casts Negative Plane Protection)
  • I wish to be protected from undead right now. (Summons six hostile Vampires)
  • I wish that spells I have cast would be restored, that I might cast them again! (re-memorizes some spells.)
  • I wish for my spells to be restored! (caster loses all memorized spells)
  • I wish to make my party invulnerable. (Casts Minor Globe of Invulnerability on everyone in the party)
  • I wish that magic would fail to affect me or my party. (Casts Miscast Magic on everyone in the party)
  • I wish to summon a horde to overrun my enemies. (Summons 20 allied bunnies)
  • I wish that none of my party would die of their wounds. (Poisons entire party)
  • I wish for my entire party to be healed (Heals everyone in the party)

For "one time" wishes:

Where to obtain its scrollEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of AmnEdit

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of BhaalEdit

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