Locate a Caretaker for the Orphan, Risa is a side quest in Athkatla's Graveyard District in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn.


  1. The quest is obtained by visiting Graveyard District during daytime. you will find there a priest called Arenthis with an orphan girl named Risa. Promise to help if you can.
  2. Head to the northwestern area of the district, to the open tomb. At some time during the day you will meet a paladin named Kamir. He is mourning his dead foster son.
  3. Speak to him and suggest that he adopt Risa. The party gains 12,250 XP. Kamir leaves and goes to speak with Arenthis and Risa.
  4. Follow Kamir back and watch the short exchange between him and Arenthis and Risa. The party gains another 3,000 XP. Arenthis thanks you for your kind assistance and leaves.