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Ludrug is a gnoll in the Dryad Falls area east of Gnoll Stronghold at Co-ordinates 3185, 720. The game identifies him as simply "Gnoll" but he identifies himself if it comes to a duel between champions.

Our best champion is Ludrug. Ludrug is me.

In an encounter with some strange but nonthreatening bugs, he claims the party is trespassing on Gnoll territory, and demands tribute. If the player insults him, he will go hostile, and the Gnolls that accompany him will go hostile a second later. If the player claims to have no money, he will challenge the strongest fighter. If the player refuses to "fight for your amusement", the three go hostile. Should the player accept, Ludrug goes wandering off, all the way across the map if necessary, towards what the game considers the strongest fighter in the group. He does not necessarily stick to this target. If another target is closer, left behind by, say, a character who prefers ranged weapons, who runs back to gain some extra distance, Ludrug may attack the closer target instead.

BGnoglow1 Baldur's Gate (1998)
This icon stands for classic Baldur's Gate without Tales of the Sword Coast installed
, if brought to below 10 HP with regular weapons, Ludrug will honor his agreement and let the players pass, but the player will get no XP. The 'knockout blow' must be dealt without weapons (the Fist icon). In
BGEEglow BG: EE (2012)
This icon stands for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition without Siege of Dragonspear installed
, the encounter is (maybe) a little different, and no less buggy. You do not need to deliver a 'knockout blow' to win the duel, you only need to bring Ludrug below 10 hp without killing him, and 500 exp and freedom to continue travel in the gnoll territories are yours. Unarmed combat is only needed if your champion consistently hits for more than 10 damage with a weapon.

Since Ludrug will not turn hostile for the duration of the duel, you need to order to attack him by clicking the weapon (or fist) icon of the character Ludrug chosen.

If you attack Ludrug or his companions after paying the toll or winning the duel, they will not go hostile; they will ignore the attacks and the damage as they (attempt to) walk offscreen. They walk almost straight into a spawn site however, where you will likely run into either another group of gnolls or a cave bear, which confuses the encounter somewhat. Attack from the eastern side and you may avoid the extra enemies.

Ludrug may sometimes have the hp and exp reward (65) of a Gnoll Elite, Slasher or Veteran.


Dialog options 1, 2 result in a duel. "Stop! You have trespassed on our territory. You shall not be allowed to leave until you have paid tribute. We demand 50 gold in tribute!"

  • 1:-We have no money. Sorry?
No money? That is too bad for you. We let you go only if you win fight. Your best champion versus our best champion.
  • 1:-We're not going to fight for your amusement, you lousy mutts.
You will die for that!
  • 2:-Come on! Let's do it then!
Our best champion is Ludrug. Ludrug is me. Are you ready for fight? No matter, we fight now!
  • 2:-All right then, here's your 50 gold. Goodbye now!
(Ludrug takes your gold, he and the other three gnolls leave)
  • 3:-Why shouldn't we just kill the whole lot of you, you hairy piles of hyena dung?
You will die for that!