M'Khiin is a true neutral goblin shaman and a potential companion.SoD

Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear Edit

Recruitment Edit

M’Khiin is available from Chapter 8, once you arrive at the Coast Way Crossing, go north to Baeloth's new "black pits", M’Khiin will break free and you may let her join after the show, along with Baeloth, however you lose 4 reputations to have them both.

Related quests Edit

You have several extra interactions if keep M’Khiin in company

  1. To the west of Black Pits announcer In Coast Way Crossing in Chapter 8, M’Khiin will notice some goblin remains and try to perform sending on them, it doesn't go well, after the fight, their caches will appear northwest of the bridge for you to loot, be ware of the traps around.
  1. After completing Wynan Hess's quest at Bridgefort in Chapter 9, talk to Jegg Hillcarver to craft a new Jegg's Leathers for M’Khiin.
  2. North of your starting zone on Underground River surface area in Chapter 10, you'll meet a raid band led by Battuks, you can squeeze more XP out of this encounter if you have M’Khiin interact with them in group.
  3. A pile of equipment will appear where you fight the undead hordes at Kanaglym if you travel with M’Khiin there in Chapter 10. M’Khiin will be able to equip two of four items depending on which path she chooses: the shamanic path for The Soulherder's Staff and The Ghostdreamers' Robe; the warrior path for Axe of Kruntur and Kruntur's Armor. Note the choice just determines which two items M’Khiin can use, it won't affect her actual status.

Gameplay Edit

She has a unique Summon Ghostly Defender ability to call upon warrior goblin spirits, and the goblin equipment you find throughout the game can only be used by her, there're also shaman exclusive items that greatly enhance the fighting capabilities of the ghosts she summons.

In-game biographyEdit

When asked about her past, M'Khiin grunts and says you'll sleep easier if you don't know her story.
Eventually, she shares with you that her goblin tribe was a vicious and brutal one. As a shaman, M'Khiin commanded some degree of respect, but her abilities also brought her a maturity the other goblins lacked. She wanted desperately to escape from the cruelty of her life, but the other goblins valued her abilities too much to let her go.
One night, a goblin scouting party came across a deer caught in a thicket of brambles. They killed the animal and carried it triumphantly back to camp. M'Khiin waited until the others had stuffed themselves on raw meat and fallen into a post-meal stupor, then crept away.
She's been on her own ever since and has found herself persecuted by humans at every turn. She joined Baeloth Barrityl with the understanding that she would be presented as an "exhibit" but not made to actually fight—a promise Baeloth broke the minute the opportunity presented itself.

Quotes Edit

No! NO! I won't, I won't! Morale failure
This is so much better than my old life. Happy
Take care. You're making bad decisions. Unhappy-annoyed
If I wanted to be around people like this, I'd have stayed with my tribe. Unhappy-serious
You're gonna get me killed. I'm better on my own. Unhappy-break
No one will listen to a goblin, but I'll try. Leader
If I don't lie down, I'll fall asleep on my feet. Tired
Realm of the dead's more exciting than this. Bored
Die! DIE! Battlecry1
Fools die! Battlecry2
Freedom or death! Battlecry3
Fear me! Battlecry4
You're already a ghost. Battlecry5
Ah! Damage
Need healing! Hurt
I go to the ghosts. Dying
Forests always remind me of home. Don't like either of 'em. Forest
Cities aren't safe for my kind. Nowhere is, really. City
It's good to see in the dark. Dungeon
Light's too bright. Can't we camp during the day? Day
All the interesting stuff happens at night. Night
Yeah? Select1
Mmm? Select2
What? Select3
Do it. Select4




All right. Action1
I will. Action2
In a tick. Action3
Push me around, you might get pushed back. Action4
Grubdoubler, here. Action5
I'm doing everything you ask! Don't push me. Action6
So, all goblins look alike to you. That's what you're saying? Racist. Action7
Body rests, spirit passes on. To death-general
I'll sing you a ghost song, skald. Go in peace. To death-specific
Fall down now. Critical hit
Come ON. Critical miss
Can't hurt it that way. Target immune
I can't carry everything. Inventory full
Mine now. Picked pocket
I'm like a spirit myself. Hidden in shadows
Spell's gone. Spell disrupted
Careful. Don't want to waste a trap on a friend. Set a trap

Dialogues Edit

M'Khiin's my name, of the Grubdoubler clan.
One of my kind. Even you, one who knows the ghost dance, who walks the spirit path, even you look at me and see nothing but a goblin.
I'm a shaman. Spirits listen to me. They do what I ask, if I ask right.
You can't hear the dead? Lucky.
Fear's good. Makes you careful. Keeps you alive.
I smell goblin. Dead goblin. Best kind.
Wonder what happened to them.
You wouldn't. You're no goblin. These aren't your kind lying dead on the ground.
Depends how the spirits feel about being called. They usually don't like it much. Stay back.
Don't know. I'll try. Spirit! Open your clouded eyes. Leave the past behind you. See the truth of now.
You're all dead. What happened to you?
They won't tell us anything useful anyway.
They hate me because I left my tribe.
Fifteen years I lived with goblins like that. Should've left sooner.

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