Machine of Lum (glass) Object BG2

Machine of Lum the Mad with Carston inside the glass chamber.

The Machine of Lum the Mad is found in Watcher's Keep at the fourth floor. Carston, a mage who explored the place with his apprentices about ten years ago, is imprisoned in the machine. The machine grants him eternal life, but he can't get out of the machine and the machine is immobile. The glass can only be broken by the Crystal Mallet, which is hidden somewhere on the floor. The machine has nine different levers and buttons, which means there are 729 different combinations in total.

"Handwritten Notes" bearing valid combinations for the machine are hidden throughout the first four levels of Watcher's Keep.

Successful combinationsEdit

First action Second action Third action Effect
Blue Dial Green Dial Long Lever Permanent +5% magical resistance
Trianglular Button Green Dial Medium Lever Character receives the weapon Storm Star
Trianglular Button Red Dial Medium Lever Teleporter to fifth floor is activated
Square Button Short Lever Medium Lever +1 permanent Strength
Circlular Button Red Dial Long Lever +1 permanent Constitution
Square Button Blue Dial Short Lever +1 permanent Dexterity
Circlular Button Square Button Trianglular Button +1 permanent Wisdom
Circlular Button Blue Dial Long Lever +1 permanent Intelligence
Red Dial Green Dial Short Lever +1 permanent Charisma

All other combinations, or reusing successful combinations, will lead to one of several effects which affect only the character interacting with the machine. These effects are:

  • Permanently lose 1 point of Intelligence or Dexterity
  • Flame Strike
  • Poisoning
  • Severe Level Drain (15 levels)
  • Petrified
  • Mazed as per the spell
  • Receive a potion
  • Gain 100,000 experience points

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