Mad Arcand is an insane gnome in the Shipwreck's Coast area west of High Hedge. He is looking for his cursed ring.

wertle, wertle, wertle, wooo
The ring is located just to the west, on a wrecked ship.

Speaking to him begins the quest Arcand the Mad.


When you first speak to him:

"I like you, yes I do (wertle, wertle, wertle, wooo...) and I know of a way to make you like me too (wertle, wertle, wertle-wooooo...). Down by the ocean, down by the sea, there's a pirate ship waiting for you and for me. Bring me what's in it, but don't ever wear it, or sure enough, soon enough, you'll wertle too..."

When you return with his ring:

"What a beautiful ring! Where'er did you get it? (Most likely quite near where exactly I put it...) Wertle, oh wertle, oh dear wertle-wooo... wertle, oh wertle, oh woo... Oh, I know what you're thinking of Mad Arcand the Stinking who takes what you give him and gives not in return. So here, take this bottle, but please don't unstopple or (wertle, poor wertle), you'll surely get burned."

He has a variety of other things to say, all of it semi-poetic gibberish, if you speak to him at other times.

Arcand the MadEdit

The quest Arcand the Mad appears in your journal when you first speak to Mad Arcand. He has lost a cursed ring aboard a shipwreck to the west. Returning it to him will earn you 300 xp and an Oil of Fiery Burning potion.

In Your JournalEdit

  • Triggered By: Speaking to Mad Arcand
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Arcand the Mad
  • Entry Title: Arcand the Mad
  • Quest Begins:  
    I encountered an old sage who goes by the entirely justified name of Mad Arcand. Through the froth of his insanity, some interesting clues have surfaced, however. He claims there is a ship along the shoreline containing something of value. He has asked, in his way, that I return this mysterious item to him, making sure not to use it in the interim. For all his apparent madness, however, I cannot help but be suspicious of this strange man.
  • Quest Completed:  
    Oh Mad, Mad Arcand with your crumbling mind, your dizzying ditties are more cryptic than kind. But thanks for this bottle, whate'er it might be. Oh I'm tempted, so tempted to look in and see... but you've warned me against it and to your words I'll stay true, at least so long as I'm wanting to.

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