Madness Most Fowl is a side quest that you can acquire in the Red Canyons area south of High Hedge from the distraught farmer Kissiq. This quest has no reward itself, but it leads you to Melicamp the Chicken and the quest of the same name.

Prior BG:EE v2, if you have already encountered Melicamp you will still have this quest entered into your Journal, but there will be no way to complete it.


  • Triggered By:  Speaking to Kissiq
  • Journal Section: Quests
  • Quest Title: Madness Most Fowl
  • Entry Title: Madness Most Fowl
  • Quest Begins:
    Kissiq seems obsessed by his supposed encounter with a talking chicken. While I doubt his sanity, he claimed that the chicken lay to the east of him. If he's right, I need to hear this chicken for myself.
  • Quest Completed: Special, morphs into active quest Melicamp the Chicken (item).

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