Malla's Soul Stone is a sort of ioun stone which can be equipped in the head slot. It raises the Dexterity and Constitution of the wearer by one point and can be used once per day to cast the spell Neutralize Poison.

This item appears in ToBBGII:EE(ToB).

Acquisition Edit

During the side quest Rescue Marlowe's Daughter, whose soul is in the possession of the lich in Amkethran, Marlowe has to fulfill his part of the bargain struck with the lich. After this is done, the lich will give it you and then you are free to decide whether to keep the stone or to complete the quest.

In-game descriptionEdit

The small star sapphire gem that holds the soul of the innocent young woman, Malla, has the magical ability to float about the forehead and act as an ioun stone of considerable power. Only those of little conscience would consider using this device, however.

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